My Tied Up Life

The Latter 20th Century

I have been wired for bondage and discipline from an early age. The site of damsels in distress, bound, gagged and struggling imprinted upon me with great force. As I explored these interests, I was fortunate to find cooperating partners in my late teens and throughout college. As I began my (vanilla) professional career, I became an explorer and seeker in the byways of various urban dungeons and rural chateaus. 

The Turn of the 21st Century

 As my bondage and role play experience grew I found myself literally switching back and forth in my roles. My beginning interest in the disciplinary arts had found me wanting to be in control. However, I also began to enjoy experiencing  the joys and pleasures of inescapable confinement. 

Binding Gracefully

Looking back on my adventures over the years I find there are times when the gag comes off and I would like to share. Perhaps too much information before I am secured again, but all of my fiction is based in real life experience.