Corporate Bind

Joyce has an interesting encounter at a very structured and disciplined office

Wendy’s office was normally crowded, with staffers bustling back and forth, different files and prospectus spilling over her desk and the shelves. Today, it felt positively stifling as I stood before her with my wrists bound tightly behind my back and my co-worker Cheri beginning to bind my elbows together.

“Ouch, that’s tight. Is it necessary to tie up my arms like this? You’ve already tied my hands.”

Wendy’s eyes narrowed. “You weren’t given permission to speak.”

“That’s right, Wendy. She sure is a mouthy one,” Cheri said. Cheri was a nickname for Caridad, her given name which meant Charity in Spanish. From my point of view, she certainly wasn’t offering any relief.

“I don’t understand why you have to go to all this trouble. I didn’t mean -”. “Gag her Cheri,” Wendy matter of factly interrupted me.

Cheri had finished tying my elbows together, my breasts now straining against my white silk blouse and pointing towards my boss. She took a red ball gag from her bag. “Wait, please, Wendy, I can-mmphff!.” Cheri brought the ball between my lips and tightened the strap behind my neck as she pushed my head down. I could feel the leather pinch my skin as she finished buckling the gag and I brought my head back up. My face began to redden as Wendy broke out into a wide and devious grin.


It was not the day at the office I expected. Julia from Investor Relations had told me about a party she wanted me to attend with some of the clients and I should dress in a specific manner since it would be right after work, during happy hour. I expressed reservations about a tight blouse and mini skirt, but she assured me it was standard company practice as we had to provide the right atmosphere for our patrons.

When I arrived that morning, Cheri seemed amused. “Not exactly corporate today, are we Joyce?”

       Before I could respond, Wendy appeared at my desk, arms folded. “Is that what you wore out last night or were you planning on turning some tricks during lunch?” 

 I stifled back a smart response. She seemed really angry and I tried to explain.

       “But, Julia said it was ok. It’s for a --”. 

       She held up her hand. Almost six feet tall without heels, Wendy was imposing enough, but when she got angry, her dark Grecian features took on the look of an avenging goddess about to dispose of us mere mortals.

       “I don’t want to hear it. You’ve been here long enough to know the rules. Don’t leave your workstation. I’ll call you in my office when I’m ready for you.”

I rolled my eyes.

“I saw that. Just keep on with that attitude and make it harder for yourself.”

Cheri giggled. I turned around and flashed her an angry look.

“What’s so funny?”

She smiled and twirled a rubber band around her fingers.

“You’ll see.”

As lunchtime approached, Wendy popped her head out of her office door.

“Joyce, Cheri, come in now.”

I stood up but was confused.

“Why is Cheri coming in?”

Cheri said nothing but picked up a leather satchel from under her desk and followed me in. 


      Wendy stood up. 

I felt my lips around the gag as I adjusted to it, my pleas for leniency muffled. 

“Now, that is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time. You are always so quick with the little jokes and cute asides. You think you are so witty. I knew it was only a matter of time before I had you like this.”

As she spoke, Wendy unbuttoned my blouse. She gave a nod to Cheri, who took more lengths of rope and began to wrap them around my waist, pinning my already bound arms to my back.

“What do you think, Wendy, should we give her a crotch rope?”

“Absolutely, she wants to play the slut.”

Cheri tied a rope from my waist, through my crotch and connected it to my wrists. It was tight and the pressure was making my face get even hotter. Wendy tugged on the rope and I moaned through the gag.

       “Okay, Cheri, since she wants to show her legs off in that mini skirt, let’s make her work for it.”

Cheri cheerfully took out more of her seemingly endless supply of rope and quickly bound my legs together at the ankles, just below the knees and my thighs. 

Wendy admired my office mate’s handiwork as I did my best to maintain my balance.

“Good job as usual, Cheri. Once Julia gets here we can take her down to see Linda.”

I made a muffled and garbled inquiry.

Linda was the Vice President for our division. 

As Wendy and Cheri giggled at my muzzled utterances, there was a knock and Julia came in. She was dressed in a prim, grey business suit, knee length skirt, her blonde hair in a bun. 

“Oh, Joyce. What kind of trouble have you gotten yourself into?”

Wendy sat back on her desk and crossed her legs.

“She said you told her to come to work like that.”

        Julia giggled. 

“I meant to bring something to change into. We do have images to maintain and we all know what happens around her when you break the rules.”

Wendy nodded her head. 

“We’re about to take her to see Linda.”

“Really? “ Julia said. “I don’t appreciate her using me as an alibi. Would you mind?”

Her voice trailed off as she looked knowingly from Wendy to Cheri. 

“Go right ahead,” Wendy said with a slight wave.

Without any hesitation, Julia took a ruler from Wendy’s desk, lifted up my skirt and began to spank me rapidly.

“Mmphfff!” I moaned through the gag as Julia cursed me. Cheri and Wendy held my shoulders.

        “Don’t ever think of involving my name in any of your sluttly escapades in the future!”

I’m not sure how long she spanked me. My head cleared, but my bottom was on fire. 

“Should we keep her legs tied, Wendy?” Chei asked. 

“It’s not that far. Another chance for her to show them off.”

We left Wendy’s office. I hopped down the corridor as best I could in my heels, my legs trussed tightly. 

Cheri’s rope work had pulled my skirt up even more. With each hop, the rope running through my crotch pressed down on my pussy. 

Wendy made sure we stopped at the cubicles of any interested parties that wanted to admire Cheri’s handiwork. If someone wanted to ask me a question, Wendy made me answer through the gag, which amused my tormentors. 

Eventually, we made it to the Executive Suite and were greeted by Sue, the Vice President’s secretary. 

“Well, Wendy, you sure are tough on your people. I see you kept her legs tied.”

“Might as well, the little tease wants to show them off. I take it Linda is expecting us?”

“Yes, she is.”

Sue approached me from her desk and cupped my chin in her hands.

“Don’t worry, sweetie, we’ve all been there.”

As we all entered, Linda was sitting on a couch. She patted her hand next to her on the cushion and motioned to me.

            “Come here.”       

          I hopped over and sat down next to her. The ropes pinched into my flesh even more as I adjusted

       Linda motioned to Sue, who unbuckled the ball gag so it hung around my neck. A stream of drool dribbled down my chin and LInda smiled. 

        At thirty five, she was the youngest and most ruthless Vice President in the company. 

      I shook my head slightly to try and clear my sweat drenched hair from my face. 

       Linda glanced over at the trio that had escorted me down. They were silent and still standing. 

        Linda turned her gaze back to me. “

        "Allright, slut, report.”   

        “Mistress, the application of your policies and directives is within your guidelines. I can give a full technical report and it is evident on what you see displayed on my worthless person. However, the administrative execution was flawed and out of policy.”

         "I see,” Linda said. 

         She looked over at the others. They seemed confused, but it would become more clear that Linda and I knew each other very well.

         “Tell me more about the flaw.”

        "As you can see, employee Santos’ rope work was very proficient.”

        Cheri, as cheerful as ever gave a bright nod.I knew that she and Linda went way back to when Linda had been a bright (and sometimes bound) intern. 

        “But,” I continued, “after it was made clear I was being prepared for your review and disposition, employee Prescott was allowed to apply corporal punishment.”

       Linda gave a withering look at Julia. 

       Julia started to stammer, but Linda cut her off. 

        “You know the rules.” She matter of factly turned to her assistant.  


        Within a few minutes, Julia was sitting next to me, her arms tied tightly behind her back, her shapely legs tied together as mine were. Her skirt was not so prim anymore. Sue had hiked it up to expose her upper thighs. A thick black leather bit gag had stopped any more attempts at excuses. 

        “We’ll let her simmer for a while and think about what she did,” Linda said. 

        She looked over at Wendy.

        “And this happened in your presence, Wendy?”

        Wendy nodded. A veteran employee who had worked her way up the ranks, she offered no excuses. She bent her head down and put her hands behind her back.

        “Cheri, go ahead and tie up your boss. Make it something special,” Linda said.

        Cheri enthusiastically complied and Wendy found herself face down on the plush carpet, tied as I was with wrists, elbows, ankles, knees and thighs bound together.

        Cheri added a hogtie pulling Wendy’s long, lean frame into a taught bow as she connected her ankles to her wrists.

        Wendy’s skirt was pulled down, exposing her rear end. 

        To be bound and gagged in front of the division VP was one thing, but to be tied up by your own subordinate was humiliating for a woman as proud as her. 

        Wendy started at me angrily as Cheri gagged her with her own silk scarf, pulling her lips tightly back in an involuntary grimace. 

        I had no sympathy. Not because of what I had been put through today, but all managers had been warned about upcoming due diligence. 

        Linda patted me on my bound thighs and replaced the ball gag. 

        “Now, this is what I call a constructive management seminar. Sue, get the camera out. We’ll need some photos for the newsletter.”